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Safeguard – Secureness  – Freedom

1.276 suspected victims of sexual assault in the Colognes New Year's Eve!“ (Die Zeit)

„The world health organization (WHO) estimates, that not less than 20% of all women in the world will be attacked physical or sexual from a man in their life.“ (United Nations)


There is no 100 % security against sexual assault and rape while you enjoy the full freedom of action.

SAFE SHORTS is one step in the right direction. 

„I am a passionate marathon running woman.
Recently, I haven`t felt safe during my exercises in the forest or on my local running track. More often I have been thinking about a running tight, being able to protect me against
sexual assault and rape. It is too simple for other people, to strip off my present running tight from my body.

Am I able to scream in this situation? Sure, I could wear other means of security, but this may be very hard and damages my skin.“

Which woman doesn´t have these thoughts – not only during sports?

You may ask for shorts, that are very light, flexible and comfortable, but it shouldn`t be stripped off by others.

These shorts should protect you against anybody who may grab into your sensitive area.

This is what SAFE SHORTS are designed for. It consists of a e.g. flexible layer of patented material, which is securely attached all around your pubic area. This layer is among others flexible, hygienic and breathing active.

To protect you effectively, a very loud alarm should be activated automatically, if someone tears at your clothes. 

This is your best time for a new bodyguard!

A very experienced team of researchers, designers and athletes has developed SAFE SHORTS to give you the possibility to protect yourself against any unexpected attacks by others.

SAFE SHORTS – for everybody!

How does it work?

A combination of light, flexible, but tear- and cut resistant materials is the secret of SAFE SHORTS and gives you secureness with a high wearing comfort.  

Tear- and cut resistant high-tech cords – well known in the production of bulletproof vests – designed in an ergonomically way protect you from anybody trying to strip off the design.

If you pull on your SAFE SHORTS, you have to fix the high-tech cords until your SAFE SHORTS align with body.

The high-tech cords will be fixed with the patented closing mechanism. You lock. 

Now, your secureness is perfect against strip off.

Still, your SAFE SHORTS follow every movement because it contains a protector made of flexible, tear- and cut resistant material, the latter protects you from grabbing fingers and a forceful opening of your shorts.

Please wash your SAFE SHORTS at 30 degr. Cels. and an appropriate washing additive.

The patented closing mechanism enables the connection with a siren force alarm at 130 db.

When you tear at the SAFE SHORTS the alarm will automatically be released. It is also possible to activate the sound yourself by pulling at the cord.

This unique, patented solution in a combination of material and functionality offers an optimum in safety during sport leisure time.

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